Wednesday, September 30, 2009

love, not lust.

i want someone to hold.
i want someone to miss.
i want the feeling of another soul,
pressed against my lips,
and use the gift of nature,
that rests between our hips;
to build a strong foundation,
with no shakes, and no slips,
by bonding together our forces,
our powers that lie deap within,
to create and embrace a new begining,
that lives right beneath all our skin.
some say for us to feel guilty,
some say that this love is a sin;
and i feel sorry for their souls,
they haven't gone, where we've been.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

my dreams.

my dreams,
are your eyes;
cloudy and light brown,
like the first signs of autumn,
staring me down
and seeing through.

my dreams,
are every freckle of your skin;
numbered and scattered,
like deserted leaves of winter.
a sign both of the end,
and a new.

my dreams,
are your hands;
hopeful and wanting,
like the first day of spring,
reaching out with anticitpation
and construed

my dreams,
are every beating of your heart;
restless and anxious.
like the shortened days of summer,
apreciated, cherished,
and pursued

my dreams,
are every breath and every touch;
meaningful and alive,
like everyday of the year.
taken for granted,
and of you.

Friday, January 2, 2009

on your own.

what was it that you saw?
tell me, what was it that you heard?
i ask you, what did you say,
you tell me you just aint sure
i'm giving you diseases
but you're not finding any cures
try looking to your heart for a change

so who was it that you found
when you went looking for a hero?
did you find what you needed
or, are you still coming up with zero?
you're reaching up so high
but man, those stairs are much too narrow
try looking to the sky for a change

so when you're feeling lonesome
or, when you're feeling scared
when you're biting at your nails
and pulling at your hair
who is call when your falling down those stairs?
try calling up me for a change

well you say you looked into your heart
and you found it was too weak
and you looked into the sky
but it's been raining here for weeks
so now you call me up,
but i'm not home, now you cant sleep
i guess you'll have to find your own way for a change


i'm tired of making no sense
i need to find something with meaning
like back when i had answers
we thought that we knew everything

and this new world has me wondering
cause' it's got no defintion
i miss our world from long ago
the one i never had to question

and i dont know if im just looking for comfort
if i want my emotions to just read "content"
or maybe, this time, i just mean it
and this journey was just time well spent

but then again, we must remember, i'm crazy
who knows how i'll feel, or will act
and then, again, we must remember, our history
i can't hurt you again, not like that

so how do i know up from down?
and how do i ask, when you're not around?
all i can hear is the repeat of the sound
of that kiss of reassurance, before it all falls down


one man sleeps on the couch
while next to him, a girl sits on boy's lap
and anothers' making coffee
and they go off to do laundry
in the corner where she dreams
of clean towels
and fabric softener

and while you're off taking a shower
a boy sinks his battleship
and a punk girl reads the paper
with music in the background

he put's his feet up on the table
she woke him up before she
left to go make food
and now the man on the couch
dreams of speggetti
and garlic rolls

there's hairspray in her backpack
and soap up in a basket
pickles in their caskets
the vinegar is blood

pastries on the counter
no mugs to get their coffee
blank screen on the tv

she wakes him up again
tells him to go for a walk
"maybe it will wake you up"
but the man on the couch stays
taps his feet, and shuts his eyes

i think i may know this song

at least i tried.

i tried mapping out all of the sounds in this town
i tried to find the answers left unheard
but nowone had anything to say
their faces went blank and formed into a herd

the world is dead
there's nobody left
except for myself
and the friends in my head

i guess the world went crazy
but that's already been said
i just dont know if it's all in my head

i tried to blend in, careful not to make noise
i tried to find someone else, just like me
but i saw nothing in their eyes
just pale clouds and pure nothing, how could they see?

the world is dead
there's nobody left
except for myself
and the friends in my head

i guess the world went blind
but that's already been said
i just dont know if it's all in my head

i tried to calm down, shut my eyes for a while
i tried to grasp it all tightly, once last time
but it all slipped away, leaving the colors
and now my worlds' painted in black and white


i walk with a boulder
that's tied to my back
a boulder of burden
a burden of hate
if i could release it
i'd make it home faster
but it's just not that easy
or, maybe i'm weak
my concience controls me
the empathy pulls me
the people, they tell me
get used to the hurt
you'll get over it someday
and be just like us
but i'm not them
and the pressure wont work
so i put down my boulder
let go of their actions
and i'll smile. when
they pass on the street
cause' hate is a burden
one i dont want to carry
i'll move on with
the next person i meet